Energy is what allows people to have a good standard of living.  It allows people to produce and to do much more than we can do through our own strength. A clear illustration is to transport goods by people and animals, or by truck. By truck, large quantities can be transported at one time by one person, and the fresh food can arrive fresh. A tractor allows one person to farm a much larger area.  To bring people out of poverty, access to affordable energy is one of the key prerequisites.

Our approach

We use four approaches to increase affordable access to energy:

1.            using existing energy sources more efficiently (eg. more efficient wood stoves for cooking)

2.            introducing new energy sources (eg. biogas, solar thermal and solar electrical, microhydro) with energy efficient appliances

3.            training people how to use, maintain and source improved or new energy types

4.            assisting industry to design, manufacture and market energy sources and appliances.

Energy technology/activities