About us

What we do:

  • Provide a holistic response to food security, energy, natural resources and climate change challenge
  • Develop and oversee a pipeline of global development projects with communities, governments and world-class partners across Africa, South America, South Asia and the Pacific region
  • Work with communities empowering them to gain social, environmental and economic value

What we achieve:

  • Restored farmlands, rangelands and forests
  • Increased agricultural production and food security
  • Energy security with strong environmental and community benefits
  • Sustainable communities with resilience to climate change

What we believe:

  • Empowering communities to restore their land raises agricultural production and resilience to climate shocks
  • Good stewardship of a community’s natural assets is fundamental to beating poverty
  • Sustainable agricultural management reduces food insecurity and vulnerability, increasing access to food and the opportunity to generate income
  • Promotion of appropriate, affordable and clean energy allows marginalised communities to power their own development